Filmed during a 3-day backpack along the eastside of Mt Rainier. It was a return visit to our favorite park on that side of the Mountain. We had been conditioning all spring and summer for a multi-day traverse scheduled for late Aug that unfortunately didn't happen. So by this trip over Labor Day weekend we relished in the fact that it was relatively easy getting there due to our earlier training ... and that we could just base camp instead of having to pack up and move each morning. Long story short ... we had one whole day just to relax and explore. While the Mountain was out during our travel days, the top was obscured most the time we were camped there. Sunrises also started out with less than stellar color. But, one thing we've discovered in the mountains is that a little patience can sometimes pay off in a big way. Both mornings we were eventually treated to the most dramatic shows we've ever witnessed on the Mountain ... all captured using timelapse.

Filmed and Edited: Robert Chrestensen
Camera: JVC 100, with wide angle adaptor
Edited and Graded: FCPX


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