For 5,000 years, the mahout and his elephant have lived together in perfect harmony. But the economic pressures of the modern world, has shifted the balance. In Laos, the domesticated elephants are involved in the logging industry, effectively destroying their own habitat. This strenuous work of shifting heavy logs means that the elephant is unable to breed and for every elephant born in Laos, there are five that die. For the country once traditionally named the ‘land of a million elephants’ only 1,000 remain. It is predicted, by 2060, the elephants of Laos will be extinct.

“Land of a million elephants” is a one-hour Natural History documentary, which tells this remarkable story. A trailer for the documentary has recently been released with an official website expected to go live in January, 2012. The project is currently seeking further funding for a second film shoot in Laos and ultimately seeks to raise awareness on the issue and support the work of ElefantAsia.

Founder/Writer/Director: Carly Maple
Executive Producer: Kent Smith
Producer: Matt Byrne
Cinematographer: Aaron Gully

Initially funded by Screen Australia, the South Australian Film Corporation, the KOJO Creative Incubator and Carly Maple.


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