The reason I've posted this video clip is to highlight the role of the National Library of Laos Children's Librarian. She is amazing, a passionate promoter of literacy for children and students in Laos and an extraordinarily talented presenter for both children and teachers. I feel a little sad because we've devoted out energies and money lately toward supporting Big Brother Mouse, but she really has an incredible talent for engaging students and teachers in the promotion of books and literacy.

In this video she's gone out with the bookmobile to visit a rural school on the outskirts of Vientiane. This video was taken about five years ago and since then the bookmobiles have been updated thanks to Japanese NGO's who are the biggest promoter of literacy programs in Laos focused on young children. They were the ones who initially developed and funded the Book Box Library program.

If you watch the video you can see how the children respond to her and then being able to check out books is like icing on the cake. I hope they are adding all the copies of the Big Brother Mouse books to their libraries, because the combination of the two, the Children's Librarian and BBM books is a guarantee to hook kids on reading.


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