I left the camera in the floor of the house while I was making my siesta.
I wanted to make a time-lapse of the clouds through the door.
In half hour the two girls of the house carried inside more than half ton of rice, brought from more than 100 meters, slope (very) down.
The toast was my last shot after 17 hours dragging the camera. My friends meanwhile moved few tons of rice.
We drunk their traditional "lao hay", a liquor made with rice. Not too much alcohol inside, but very dangerous because is sweet and gets in very easily.
Khmu Roc are one of the main groups of the big Khmu family. They belong to the so called Autro-asiatic people.
They come from the south and are the oldest inhabitants of the most of Indochina.
Fearless freedom-fighters, masters of the forests, elephants breeders and makers of the most beautiful baskets , you will never regret to meet the Khmu.
May their spirits give them rice and health, and time to love and dance.

Shoot with the EX-1. The light in hand are from a 2$ chines lantern. With a Withe Balance may look well.


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