Lightform Picture Style

Thanks to the overwhelming response to our first RAW 5Dmk3 video and more development on the 60D front I took an hour today to do some testing with my trusty 60D. Planning on testing it out on a shoot tomorrow (Slider shots!) but for now here is a couple tests outside and inside of the LCD office. All shot with my Zeiss 50mm/1.4 ZS.

Shot with the Lightform C profile, all of the clips but one (it's obvious) are not color corrected at all. Just imported into Lightroom. Brought the detail levels back down to 0 and then exported.

At 720p I was able to get record times of about 200-300 frames on my Sandisk 30mbs 32gb card. I overnighted myself a 95mbs Sandisk to see if the results change and I can bump the resolution but 720p RAW will cut well with normal h264 1080 and my FS100.

Download the Prores 422 for less compression. I kept it under 300mbs.


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