Formed in 1977, punk band X have had a turbulent and influential career and have truly made a mark on the scene. Vocalist and founding member Steve Lucas shares a few thoughts on his decision to call it a day:

"I've been singing and saying the line from TV CABARET ROLL 'We crawled out of the basement to tell you one thing...' since 1977. After 35 years, the time has come to stop being X.

X has existed in many forms. Some argue X died back in 1978, others say it ended when Steve Caferio left and Cathy Green joined. The hardest X to do was once Ian Rilen passed away. I did a tribute night to the music we wrote and performed together for so many years and before you could say "X", it had been reborn.

Ted from Aztec Music approached me about re-releasing AT HOME WITH YOU and I accepted as I thought it needed a home. This was followed by two more magnificent releases: X-ASPIRATIONS and more recently, X-SPURTS. I finally got to take the music to the USA and when X-SPURTS was released I believe my purpose had been fulfilled. Things had come full circle and had nowhere else to go. I could not imagine doing an X album without Ian, and no more albums means no more future. So I decide to end it all and contacted The Tote and asked if I cold do my 'last ever X gig' there and what happened next is typically X. Every major city wanted a last show so I have organised THE LAST ROUNDS TOUR - well almost...I play Adelaide next week, then that is it... sort of.

I wanted to do a 'thank you' gig at the end of the run, something to really remember X by, and the iconic Front Bar of The Espy is the perfect venue. No door charge, it's a come one come all kind of vibe. A gift from X and all its members, to you - the public. It has been a long ride and though X music will always be a huge part of my life I believe it is time to let go. It is sad for me - I have so many memories, both good and bad. Everyone seems to have an X story - now it's time to tell them. Kim Volkman will join Phil Grinder and Rick Student and I for once last free for all. Make sure you can say you were there at the Espy when X gave it its final shot."

Come and say farewell to X on Friday 20 July in the Espy front bar. FREE ENTRY!


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