Live Music


WK from the album OVRMND
Available on iTunes and

This is actually the FIRST song we started to practice back in January. Keeping in mind that we are not keyboardists/piano players, this was by far the hardest song to play of the 4 that we've gone through so far. While it isnt perfect, it's close enough to put on youtube :P.

Josh (on the right) is playing the piano which is also layered with a semi-quiet distorted lead on the higher notes. He is also playing backup "synth-guitar". I am playing the main "synth-guitar" which is also the wah-wah sound. I apply the wah effect by stepping on the sustain pedal and adjust the wah length (1/4 beat to 1/2 beat) by moving the mod wheel, this keeps the effect always in perfect sync with the beat. I am also playing pads on the top keyboard.

Also, the camera facing josh corrupted the video file and I couldnt pull it from the disk. So instead, I played it back on the camera and recorded it using another camera haha.


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