One of the most influential rock band, New York Dolls played a secret little gig at the greatest Rock'N'Roll Bar in the World, The Cherry Bar in AccaDacca Lane!

After chatting with Music Victoria CEO, Paddy Donovan about the slap of across of face local music fans got in Melbourne with the lack of rock tours in September. All of these iconic rock acts from Van Halen, Steel Panther, The Sisters Of Mercy and so on, that were on the Soundwave Revolution bill that all got cancelled when the plug suddenly got pulled. To add insult to injury, Monster Magnet had great ticket sales in Melbourne but not interstate! So that tour also got cancelled. It was enough to turn the hardened rock'n'roll fan into hip hop! :(

The NEW YORK DOLLS stormed into Melbourne Rock Central and played a rockin' set to crowd devoid of any decent rock act at the inaugural BOROUGHS event at Globe HQ in Port Melbourne.

We got a double dose of rock'n'roll when the word on the street was that they were to play a secret intimate show somewhere in Melbourne.

Where else but in the heart of this rock'n'roll city but in the best rock'n'roll bar in the world, THE CHERRY BAR in AC/DC Lane. For those who attended it was an extra special treat! Such an iconic act playing in our favourite bar in the city. Here is the encore of the night's performance. Presenting the NEW YORK DOLLS playing their signature tune, "Personality Crisis".

The balance has been restored.

October is once again...ROCKTOBER!


j vimeo.com/30389629

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