Loch Ness Film Festival

Small Town tells the story of JD (Euan Jardine), who is a young adult dealing with the often forgotten trials of living in a small community. Spanning the course of a single day, the film follows JD as he meets a woman for the first time after making contact online. A day he's been planning for months. Add to the mix Sweeney (Steven McIntyre), a charismatic manipulator who invites himself along for the ride and proceeds to make it increasingly uncomfortable for JD while influencing situations to isolate him from his love interest Arlene (Kirtsy Halliday). Forcing JD to question his so called friends loyalty and decide whether to continue down the road he's been traveling or make a stand.
Largely based on director Ross Hornby & lead actor Euan Jardine's experiences growing up in their own small town, The film confronts themes of friendship, courage, betrayal and is a sincere depiction of the struggle to break the cycle in a repetitious environment.

j vimeo.com/73296703

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