experimental film/video

I have always had a fascination with glitter. Once I was caught stealing a large Ziploc storage bag filled with it from my kindergarten teacher. The next morning my mother made me return the twinkling bag of glitter and apologize for taking what I thought was gold. At age twenty-three I am still in love with glitter, but reminiscing on childhood memories I have loved something even more. Like many children, I was fanatical about the Wizard of Oz. Judy Garland was my idol, she was everything I wanted to be. This digital video "Come out, come out, wherever you are (meet the young lady who fell from a star)" is an exploration of ambiguous perceptual boundaries: a continuous collection of observation, experience, and memory through conscious and subconscious thoughts and desires. The membrane between mind and matter is infinite, creating a circumvolution, in which we all swim.

©Lora Gettelfinger, 2011

j vimeo.com/85998693

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