Low Budget Music Videos

Something very different for me.

First, it was a two camera shot - I have a Sony EX1 (my front country camera) and a JVC GY HM-100 (my backpacking camera). I spent the morning (two or three hours) trying to balance the exposure and color of the two as best as I could. The room was very small and dark but I was able to capture a lot of usable footage. The most difficult problem was trying to manual focus while moving the cameras around during the performance.

Second, I was able to use the Multicam editing feature in FCPX. Since I usually shot and edit nature films, this film presented a new editing challenge. I shot the performance four times so I had quite a bit of footage to look at. I decided try mulitcam editing. I had a short learning curve, but once I got started it was fun and easy.

I used stationary cameras, tripod mounded cameras (pan and zoom), Glidetrack HD slider, and handheld with my Blackbird stabilizer.

Filming - 2 hours
First Edit - 1 day
Final Edit - 6 days from the shoot

The Soul Wreckers
Walk Away ©2012

j vimeo.com/63623886

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