Professional Lumix GH4, GH3, GH2 & Gh1 Great Videos

Lara Eichhorn: "My style of shooting can best be described as modern photojournalism plus artistic portraiture. During weddings, I try to be as unobtrusive as possible, capturing every moment with beautiful realism. Sometimes people don’t even notice I’m there.

Though it may seem like a contradiction of styles, I also love to create stunning portraits. My approach to portraiture is different from most, as I rarely pose people. I will often tell people where to stand in order to have the best light and most pleasing background, but then I let them do their thing. I try to make them laugh, make them comfortable, and then watch carefully as they relax and interact with one another or with me. I find this method allows me to capture your true beauty. No fake smiles allowed!

My post-processing method falls in line with my shooting style: as natural as possible. I tend not to do heavy retouching. I don’t use Photoshop actions. I moderately adjust the exposure, contrast, and colours to look their best and most life-like.

My overall goal is to capture the real you – you at your best!"

Music: "Saturday" by Rachael Cantu
Video: Aclara Promotions
Starring: Kelly and Dan


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