I've been meaning to test out analogue projections using OHP lenses and various paraphernalia as a way to distort, interrupt and explode projections. This idea first came to me through an urge to break out of the confines of standard video projection shapes and ratios and produce something that could be physically instead of digitally manipulated.

After agreeing to take part in a group exhibition 'Archiplelago' at Bonington Gallery, Nottingham in Jan 2012 I realised that this was the time to get this idea started.

This video is a rough cut of the first coherent test result to come out of these thoughts. The projection first runs through a segment of tree root, then through an OHP lens and finally through a second tree root segment and onto a wall. The projection source is a live video feed pointed at the projected image on the back of the lens. The small CCTV camera I am using has an automatic iris which pulses when pointed in the right direction. I am also using a 16mm film spool and a helping hand solder stand to vignette, interrupt and colour portions of the projected image.

See this video: for the results


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