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Calcio Fiorentiono is a true contact sport. This is because just about any type of contact is legal, from punches to the face, to body slams, to throwing sand in the eyes of your opposition. Basically, it is your job to score by any means possible, and to stop the opponent by any means possible. Of the 27 players on each side, as many as ten of them are often considered brawlers. These players usually come from boxing, wrestling, and MMA backgrounds, and it is their job to essentially knock out the opponent. The brawlers from each side will usually ignore the whereabouts of the ball, and instead engage in combat with one another throughout the duration of the match.
The skill players on a calcio fiorentiono team generally consist of rugby and soccer players. The rugby players are typically utilized to carry the ball past the opposition, while the soccer players are there for tactical kicking and goal scoring. However, these players must avoid life-threatening attacks from the brawlers of the opposing team. More often than not, calcio fiorentiono matches typically end with a lot of splattered blood, and at least a few unconscious participants. Ha, and you think football is rough?


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