Hallelujah! Being alone for too long at the high seas influences people in the most different ways. Some stop to talk while others start talking to themselves or to any kind of equipment they have aboard. Some even start to hallucinate talking to people who are not even there. For Mr. Bones the things go far beyond. He is having an elaborated talk to the four known deities of our galactiverse: God, Allah, Buddha and Rod Humble! LiKe oH mY gAWwd, which one to follow?

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Mr. Bones:
Skeleton - JointVenture
Rowboat - Black Spot Shipyard
Tricorn Hat - Rachel Breaker
Hair & Beard - DECO
Eye Patch - D15 Koba
Peg Leg - JubJub Forder
Hook - Ole Etzel

Clothing - Sahiela Lavendel
Skin - Distar Wakawaka
Eyes - Fade Lei
Shape - Ole Etzel

Robe - The Muses
Beard - DECO
Hair - Curio Obscura
Wooden Cross - Nolan Falworth
Shape - Ole Etzel
Skin - DarkDharma Daguerre
Animated Bible - Jazzman Jibilla

Pope Avatar - Big Brother's Emporium
Alchemy Robe - The Muses
Cap - Ole Etzel

Flat Rod


The Ladder
Petenice, Hammerklavier, Inchadney, Meowtek, robinhood76, Unclesigmund, 2887679652, 3bagbrew, Aeonemi, Oneirophile

Additional Sounds:

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