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kobresia: there

This film began as a test shoot for the iPhone, and turned into something of an experiment in subjectivity.
Made in 2011, presented in standard definition.

Filmmaker Statement
Sometimes a word can take on a new meaning, a personal meaning that transcends simplistic definition; something organic and not always easy to put into words. Kobresia is a genus of plants in the sedge family. Kobresia is also a music track by the Norwegian ambient electronic musician Geir Jenssen, aka Biosphere. The song has had great impact on me and my approach to the work.
For me, "kobresia" has come to represent something layered, organic, sometimes nuanced, subtle, sometimes obvious, but always something bound by the notion that the whole of a story is synergistic, more than the sum of it's parts. Sometimes it is about a feeling or notion in it's pure state, but not necessary something tidy. These films are experiments in abstract, non-linear narrative and personal imagistic storytelling.
This is the first of the "kobresia" films.

*Previously copyrighted material, including music, used for non-commercial purposes.*
All images and original content © 2014 Phil Garrett

This film began as a test shoot for the iPhone, and turned into something of an experiment in subjectivity.
Shot/edited by Phil Garrett
Shot on the iPhone 4, 27 Nov 2011.
Shot in 25 minutes.
Edited in 60 minutes.
Edited in Final Cut Pro.
No color correction.

Song "ba ba" by Sigur Rós from the EP "ba ba ti ki di do"

Note: There is an issue with the iPhone 4 that seems to be what software developers might call an "undocumented feature" - the frame rate at which the iPhone 4 captures video fluctuates based on the available light. The lower the light, the lower the frame rate. Some of my shots were at 29.97fps and some where there were lower lighting conditions were captured at 24fps. This would normally not be an issue since I prefer to shoot and edit in 24fps. However, I did not notice the frame rate discrepancy until far into the edit which was started at 29.97. As a result, some of the 24fps shots do not look as good because they have been converted to 29.97 in the FCP timeline. So, lesson learned for the next test/project.

Ars gratia artis


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