Magic Bullet

The road movie of going in Setouchi Triennale 2013 spring in Japan.
瀬戸内国際芸術祭2013春 に行って来ました。

01 豊島 Teshima
-->02 男木島 Ogijima

"The attractions of Setouchi Triennale are various;
the feeling of ammusement of acrossing unknown sea,
being moved our hearts to discover how people in each island build their unique villages and cultures,
and the new experience of watching and feeling the arts.
The visitors shere their delights with islanders who love to talk with them about the arts and the artists.
It's not only acquiering the general knowledge of a famous art, but being involved to a festival on-site.
This impression wil have grand-pas and grand-mas in islands smile and feel proud of it.
The islands will come alive, changing the sightseeing into the feeling of happiness."
;quote from the official guidebook


camera: Lumix GH2 hacked (Thanks to VK and bkmcwd!)
hack setting: valkyrie 444
lens: Pannasonic 20mm F1.7
ムソルグスキー「展覧会の絵 プロムナード2」(演奏:辻井伸行)
Musio Clementi "Sonata in La bemolle Maggiore, Ⅱ-Larghetto"
Eric Goetz "Henry's Bittersweet Daydream"
ムソルグスキー「展覧会の絵 プロムナード1」(演奏:辻井伸行)
The Moonlighters "Desperado"
Triplexity "Afro Blue (single) "
Luke Wieting "Out of nothing"
Emma Wallace "Interlude"
Ton "the wind is playing jokes"
Ludwig Thuille "Piano Sextet in B flat major Op.6 -Ⅲ.Gavotte"
Faule "Pavane" (演奏:アンサンブル・プラネタ)
Daniel Colin "Seul ce soir"


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