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Damn, I made a little Soundtrack for the beginning and the end, but I forgot to make it into the render :/

A basic Tutorial on my approach on the HDR-Feature of the Magic Lantern-Firmware.
Please understand this guide as a more technical one and excuse that I had to cut Examples and so on, but I only can upload 500mb/week here and 30min are already a bit too long for such a heavy Compression.
Have a view at the Table of Contents and skip to the Parts which interest you:

Introduction at Start
"01: General preprocessing in the Footage" starting at 2:07
"02: Using Pixelmotion for Interpolation (AE internal)" starting at 6:55
"03: Using Kronos" starting at 10:58
"04: Composing the Shots (and why Luma-Key sucks)" starting at 16:35
"05: Preparing the Sequence for real HDR" starting at 18:48
"05: Inside Photomatix" starting at 22:01 (MAYBE I messed up the numbers - sorry! :)
"06: Processing HDR in After Effects and Final Words" starting at 26:09
Check out this Tutorial on using GingerHDR from their Makers:

And in good Tradition I of course forgot to mention several things. Sorry for that!

When shooting HDR, one Clip will always get a higher ISO, which may result in heavy Noise (like a 3EV 400/3200). Reducing Noise with e.g. NEAT or the little Median-Trick can do a good job and result in even less Artifacts and an overall better Videoquality.
You may want to watch this Tutorial on how to clean your Video up:

Visit the Usergroup and the Wiki:

Important Links

Please take your Time to review these, at least more then I did :)

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