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The owner of a haunted house wants to improve the resale value of his home, and strikes a deal with a sketchy agency representative to clear it of supernatural residents.

Co-Directed by Wes Palmer and Zach Bokhour.
Released January 25, 2013.

Evan Sibley
Andrew Krupa
Chris Matthews
Ben Matthews

Makeup and Special Effects:
Rebecca Bishop
Mariah Ganek

We shot the project across four different days, shooting for a few hours each session.

We produced this video as a bunch of freshman college students (with the exception of the Matthews brothers who are Juniors in college and Rebecca Bishop who is a current senior in high school) for a total budget of $100, which included food, fake cobwebs, makeup and an abundance of trash bags (we shot a few night scenes during the day and had to black out windows in the house).

Shot on location (with the exception of the office scene) with a Canon Rebel T2i (f/2.8 17-55mm lens) and a cheap shoulder rig. Lighting was done with a few can lights and some cheap Chinese 160-LED panels.

Audio from a Sennheiser shotgun microphone on a DIY boom pole recorded into a Zoom H4n and synced in post. Boom operation by Zach Bokhour.

Cinematography, editing, mixing, sound-design, motion graphics, color-grading and visual effects by Wes Palmer.
Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro. Mixed in Adobe Audition. Visual Effects done in After Effects.

Set design and dressing by Zach Bokhour, Mariah Ganek, Rebecca Bishop, and Wes Palmer.
Poster and thumbnail design by Zach Bokhour with help from Wes Palmer.
Music by Luke Neumann.
Screenplay by M. Robert Turnage,, Zach Bokhour, Wes Palmer, Evan Sibley, and Andrew Krupa.


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