I needed to rig armor opening in one of the models that I prepared. Armor is hold by three arms. Two upper once where easy, lower one not so much. It had to move and slide in different speed. Slower on beginning, in some moment to the point of almost stopping, and the closer of end it was, the faster it was moving.

It took me two days to figure out properly working solution. Overall idea how to solve this was in my head from begin, but I tried couple setups before made this one. Vex and Python was used together to solve this.

Basically, I created a line between begin and end point od this sliding. Resampled it, and measured distance of each point to the center of arm that slides thru this sliding. Arm that slides is drived by a bone and I use length of this bone to compare distance of each point of sliding line to the center of this arm (it's also root of the bone that moves this arm). Than I fitered all those distances and found one that is the closest match to the bone length and I use its position to drive goal of this arm bone. Thanks to this arm nicely follows opening and slides as it should thru whole distance.

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