Martial Art Inspirations

Hello everybody !!!

"The Secret Brotherhood of the Muffin. A Chinese Tale of Wonder" is a little martial arts photo comics that we started a few years ago with some friends.

I came across the pictures now and thought it would be nice to put them together in a video format.

I hope you will enjoy it. The music is taken from the soundtrack to "Hero", a movie you should definitely have seen if you are into martial arts and the way of the sword ;-). The first piece is Tan Dun's "Yearning of the Sword", the second is his musical score to the "spiritual" fighting scene in the Chess Court.

Thanks again to Russel and Kendra for initiating this project ... it was nice memories putting all together for the clip :-) !!!

Plenty of good martial energies and of peaceful inspirations to all of you !!!




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