a tutorial : vimeo.com/88780200
a free sculpting example : vimeo.com/88790388

A new tool for the SnowGun Toolset.

You can use BlobMesh or Frost option if you have it.
The tool is more interesting and powerfull with Frost but it still works very well with the BlobMesh option.
To create Snow exactly where you want, but it could be use for many different things.

You directly paint geometry on Selected objects.
press Ctrl to add geometry to itself
press Alt to delete geometry
press Shift to draw branches
the others controls are on the BlobMesh or Frost options.

You can create multiple "Blobs" with different meshing options, and pick them when you want to continue working on it, you can bake it in poly when finished.

j vimeo.com/68971538

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