A turntable of the ghost from a BBC comedy/horror pilot called 'Deadbeats' . This model was originally setup to be rendered in Mental Ray, but this test uses V-Ray's Fast SSS2 shader. It lives up to its name, its amazingly fast!

Even with 2 spots area lights, an HDRI dome light, and full GI, the render times were just over 1 min a frame. I added reflective specularity and in camera DOF though which brought up the render times to 5 mins per frame which is still very impressive considering the final image quality.

Unfortunately the pilot wasn't commissioned, and will never be broadcast.

The back of the head is not really sculpted and only has a basic texture as originally the ghost had hair. I'm still working on the V-ray hair shader, so will add a new version when I have the hair working, but its likely the render times will increase.

j vimeo.com/72689948

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