Media Production & Digital Media @ h_da

Release date: Summer 2011
Genre: Animated Short in Stereo 3D
Studio: Penta Images

About: 4. Semester project at the University of Applied Science Darmstadt, Digital Media, Animation&Game

Eyemodel: Kristina Suvorova | Voice: Kirsten Roser | Sound Design: Steffen Roth | Music: Timo Fecher

Produced by:

Sascha Lukas - Technical Direction | Technical Animation | Compositing
Stefan Gutsch - Poetry | Props Modelling | Production Support
Sarina Ehmann - Script | Texturing | Animation | Project Management
Kai Götz - Cinematography | Character Design | Modelling
Timo Hirschmann - Art Direction | Secondary Animation | Editing

"I see into other worlds and in other worlds I see"


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