Media Ministry

We came upon this location by accident. We were having lunch at a local tavern and saw that it had a special party room that wasn't being used. The owner kindly allowed us to shoot there. You will notice real tavern employees working in the background. A beam of sunlight from the roof window became my key light—I used a reflector to direct the light into the subject's face. An iPad was used as a teleprompter. This was also the first time I encountered the dreaded red thermometer. The closing shots featuring Palatine village were recycled from a previous video the church made. Music by The Antlers.

Lessons learned/points of improvement:
1. Key light should be above eye-level, so subject doesn't look too devilish.
2. DSLR is prone to overheating in interview-style shoots. Turn it off and schedule frequent breaks.
3. Be aware of reflection from your subject's glasses.
4. Use a tripod?


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