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CHANGE WE NEED is a social music video project we created with children from the slums in Nairobi, Kenya this year. The main message of this song is the desire for peace. It is made for moving the viewers to follow and share the idea of a conflict-free and united world. More information, such as making of pictures, lyrics and crew contacts can be found on our website:

The film was produced in cooperation with a Kenyan voluntary organisation called "Slum Sanaa Art Centre" which is doing creative projects with kids and youth from difficult social background. Those projects, like dance, theatre, singing or painting are there for discovering young talents and show them a perspective apart from poverty. The artists in this clip are all coming from the slums “Mathare” and “Huruma” in Eastern Nairobi where the video was recorded. As there is very low security status down in the slum areas it took us a lot of strength to shoot the video.
For the African kids with the music clip a dream came true bringing a piece of pride and hope in their life. Moreover, they have the feeling to be heard and taken serious by the rest of the world.

Because of big positiv reaction and our absolute believe in the sense and range of the CHANGE WE NEED project, we are looking for sponsors to make it possible creating more video works with the slum kids in future.

Equipment used:
Canon 60D
Canon EF 50mm/1.4
Polaroid Shoulder Rig
Velbon CX 686
Edited and colour graded in Adobe Premiere & After Effects

© 2012 by Tim Drabandt and Davis Ngalah


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