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Luc Besson's first work as a director was this short film about one man's struggle to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. After a global nuclear catastrophe, all trace of civilisation is reduced to ruins. Pollution in the atmosphere has robbed man of his power of speech, and mankind is reduced to eking out a pitiful existence amidst the debris. One man manages to escape from a band of marauders in a wasteland by patching up an aeroplane. He lands in what remains of a former city, where he encounters a homicidal brute. He is able to fend off the brute with help from a doctor, who lives alone in what was once a hospital. The doctor has a secret, however. He is keeping a woman prisoner in his cellar... Besson re-made this short a few years later as his first feature film "LE DERNIER COMBAT" (1983).


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