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This movie has entirely been created by Arthur Stammet.

It tells the story of two interstellar light-beings, persecuted by a destructive red plasma. Forced to leave their initial fractal planet-spaceship, morphed down to an infinity of little particles by the plasma, they have to explore the universe in order to find a new, secure home. Flying around the Milky Way Galaxy, they finally find what they have been looking for: a stable place in the middle of a complex, heavily morphing fractal cosmos. After having been ejected from numerous unstable habitations, morphed up and down by the plasma, they finally come together, unifying their strength in the middle part of a structure which cannot be anymore affected by the actions of their enemy.

This movie is a tribute to Benoit Mandelbrot, whose works proved that infinity may be found everywhere: in the macro-cosmos as well as in the micro-cosmos, entire worlds infinitely repeated in a complex world.

The fractals have been rendered with Mandelbulb 3D, the excellent software which has been programmed by the user Jesse and allowed me to tell this story by changing the right parameters.

The titles, the animated panoramas, the "planets" and the red plasma have been created with BluffTitler and Bixorama.

Technical background for the production.

Software: Mandelbulb 3D ( for the rendering of the 3d animations. Bixorama for creating the 360 Panoramas. BluffTitiler 10 for the Titles. PPG Wavegenerator App (software synthesizer). iZotope RX 3 Advanced for cleaning the recorded sound. Adobe Premiere CS 5 with Adorage Plugins for mounting the rendered 3D fractals and Titles.

Hardware: PC Audioworkstation with 25 GB Ram and Intel Core i/ X980 CPU with 3,33 GHz and Nvidia Quadro 5000 Graphics Card, Roland V-Synth for a part of the soundtrack & Apple iPad for PPG Wavegenerator.

Credits: Milky Way Photo by ESO/S. Guisard and Panorama ESO/S. Brunier on Starfield-Panorama

Stills of the video (the storybook) have been published on flickr:


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