Mix & Match

Awarded 1st prize in 2013 Penn's Mash-Up competition - wic.library.upenn.edu/wicideas/mashup/

This mashup explores the seemingly omnipotent physical capabilities and perfect lives of athletes, who are often glorified and turned into “super humans” by their fans. While athletes are demanded to perform herculean acts, they quickly fall from their fans’ graces when the duplicity behind their super human personas are discovered. Merging footage of elite athletes’ moment of grandour with clandestine images of doping and malefaction, my work strives to examine the rise and fall of recent heroes such as Lance Armstrong, Oscar Pistorius and Marion Jones.

Video mash-up created for the University of Pennsylvania's theme "Year Of Proof". Edited using Premiere CS6 and After Effects CS6.

All footage used under Creative Commons license.

Disclaimer: This video does not suggest any criminal liability of any of the parties mentioned in the footage.

j vimeo.com/61898313

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