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1) Stumbling across a pretty over-the-top Christmas decorated yard off Magnolia Blvd. I can't imagine how expensive it is to store all this stuff the other 11 months of the year. 2) Hanging our newly re-painted chalkboard in the kitchen. 3) Breaker likes to do this thing where she somehow works herself under several layers of blankets and comforters, where she somehow manages to sleep without passing out from lack of oxygen. 4) Near the North Hollywood Redline and post-office - rumor has it all the cops and bystanders and helicopters was due to a bomb threat. 5) Erica laughing in response to an email I wrote to Lan about us being old and not liking 3D movies. 6) The next day, Erica calling me a jerk for recording her when she was tired from our hike :P which, in my defense, was a pretty exhausting hike. I just thought she was cute in my old track-shorties. 7) Barrett showing me what in the world Minecraft is... and then giving me grief about recording him. Insert evil laugh here.


j vimeo.com/17747381

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