Sometimes in the morning, you just woke up - and there is this feeling: what did I miss? Have a look here, and you'll find out.
This video is a collection of particulate quite boring places on earth - turning into the most breathtaking views on mother natures stage, when sun light is crossing the horizon. Regrettably, it is'nt possible to catch all shades of these ambiances the photographic way - nevertheless the time lapse capture unveils dynamics, imperceptible to the naked eye, making it to another experience...
Big screen, volume control at the limit - home theater equipment is recommended ;-)
At this point, I want to thank all persons, who did support me during the long-lasting process with encouragement, tips, help, inspiration and understanding, especially my family and Birgit Herlemann - I hope you will get well soon, Birgit!
Last but not least I want to thank Moby for providing amateur film makers with his great music at no costs, I'm deeply grateful about his contribution to my work.

update: second "twilight magic" film please see:


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