The Interconnectedness of Life is a book and full feature documentary film by Michael Lanfield, produced by We are Interconnected Films. Currently in writing and production, the project will be expected to be released 2015. The main focus is the spiritual and ethical relationship between humans, animals and the natural world and how we can achieve a world of peace, love and harmony. The ideas coming from years of experience, scientific research and spiritual teachings from Jainism and Pythagoras, addresses some of the toughest questions.

• Why is there so much suffering all around us?
• What is the meaning of life?
• Is this the way we are supposed to live?
• Why are humans so destructive?
• Can we really achieve world peace?

Download the free audio introduction.

Video and Editing: Michael Lanfield
Music: Will Tuttle - Cow Song, Moby - Division
Production: We are Interconnected Films

Content is licensed for non-commercial educational purposes.
Moby's music is licensed courtesy of
We are Interconnected Films is a non-profit organization founded in May 2013.

Official Website

You will be able to watch the film for free on our website when it is released.

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