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Our good friends at Jack Morton Worldwide asked us to team up and create an almost fully animated 3D piece that was produced for Saudi Aramco’s annual Board of Directors meeting in Tokyo.

The central theme of this event was “Aiming Higher”. Jack Morton came up with a script that focuses on the continuous transformation of Saudi Aramco and it is this journey that we wanted to reflect creatively in our film by using seamless transitions and fluid camera movements. We chose a contemporary color palette and an expressive design style to mirror Saudi Aramco’s identity. The live action footage was shot in two days in a studio in London using a motion-controlled camera.

Designed, directed and produced by PlusOne.

Client: Saudi Aramco
Commissioned by: Jack Morton Worldwide
Direction: Martijn Hogenkamp 

 Marcel Vrieswijk, Geert Jansen
 Tim van der Wiel, Noam Briner, Hans Willem Gijzel, Chris Rudz, Cas Prins, Jeff Beukema, Marthijn Westhuis, Simon van de Rijdt, Thomas Valente
Music and Sound Design: Altitude Music
Client: Jack Morton Worldwide:
 Hugh Ip, Joseph Binks

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