We’re very excited to be part of this art project called Safewalls; Curated by Cirque du Soleil, they have commissioned artists in different cities to re-interpret Cirque’s posters. Once the work is completed the pieces will be exhibited in a gallery show, along the way they’re filming the process, experiences, culture and putting it into a web-show, that’s where we came in. They needed an intro and we were more than happy to deliver

Client: Cirque du Soleil, Safewalls

Direction: Dale Hayward

Production: La Moustache

Animation: Fred Caron, Dale Hayward

Illustrations: Sylvie Trouvé, Fred Caron, Dale Hayward, Florian Fiebig, Shannon Hayward

Music: Rachmaninov: Nocturne #1 – Performed by Josh Rager. Recorded, mixed & additional sounds – Kid Koalav

j vimeo.com/18473436

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