Motion Graphic Artists

This is my final project from The Vancouver Film School. It's inspired by the Ennis House located in Los Angeles by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

I made an extensive research to find out how the house was actually build and I tried to keep as accurate as possible. A few changes were made, the main one is the Sea Horse in the corridor scene. That piece actually belongs to the Marine Building in Vancouver.

I have focused my efforts mainly in making a realistic lighting behavior and rendering. My textures are 90% procedural and that really sped up the process. The color correction part was a little more stylized as I decided to bring the shadows more towards magenta instead of the usual blue.

The Mental Ray proxies were the most helpful node in this project. They allowed me to have high poly geometry without the down side of memory limit. This means that I was able to change the camera quite a lot without worrying too much with what was "built to camera".

Rendering took an average of 15 minutes per frame in 864X486 and again, being able to render that fast allowed me to iterate a little more. I ended up rendering the hole project in HD for the extra amount of details specially for the aliasing of the sharp edges.

The woman by the pool and at the corridor was shot on a green screen specially for her hair and due to the size and limitations of the studio I rotoscoped from her waist down. Quite simple and didn't take me too long.

I also worked on three more animation reels doing lighting and compositing.

I hope you like it!


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