Motion Graphic Artists

This time I said to myself: "do something fast and easy next, meybe design a gun? Should take no more than 5 days, right?". So here I am 2 months later with this animation. I just got some ideas along the way, that I simply couldn't resist. So overall it came to:

98 gun parts/models
98 diffuse maps/most 4k for closeups
98 bump maps
63 specular/reflection maps
1 spherical HDRI/Vray Sph. Cam.
12 texture sequences
10 3ds max projects
3 realflow scenes
3 aftereffects projects
60+ animation sequences
about a week of total render on i7 3770

a heap of errors and glitches still to fix, but as I'm writing this I feel like a seafront village after the vikings have left, so lets's just leave it as beta version. As I wrote before, it was supposed to be a short 1 frame project.
Neverthenless, here it is. Enjoy some acid destruction.

Music Bonobo - All in Forms


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