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Nationwide & National Geographic Channel showcase Emerging Explorer Patrick Meier in a new hyper-real commercial spot.
Produced by The National Geographic Channel & Evolve Digital Cinema | IMG.

"What can speed humanitarian response to tsunami-ravaged coasts? Expose human rights atrocities? Launch helicopters to rescue earthquake victims? Outwit corrupt regimes? A map.

But not just any map. Patrick Meier pioneers the lifesaving new field of crisis mapping and makes it available, accessible, and free to humanitarian organizations and volunteers across the globe. As director of crisis mapping at the nonprofit technology company Ushahidi and co-founder of the Standby Volunteer Task Force, he is helping to revolutionize the power and effectiveness of relief efforts worldwide."

Learn more about Patrick and his mission:

Co-Produced by Executive Producer Allison Mitchell of the National Geographic Channel
Produced, Filmed & Edited by Evolve Digital Cinema
GFX / Design: Evolve Digital Cinema | IMG
Sound Design / Mix: Radium Audio Ltd

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Production Team:
Executive Producer: Allison Mitchell - National Geographic Channel
Directors / Directors of Photography: Joel & Jesse Edwards - Evolve Digital Cinema
Produced by Elizabeth Ai. AP: Tracy Chitupatham
Story Producer: Clayton Hurley
Camera / Lighting Dept: Mike Bove, Logan Cascia, Josh Edwards

**Many thanks to our local crew and support team!

Post Production Team:
Executive Producer: Allison Mitchell
Producer / Writer: Alicia Biggs
Editorial / Colorists: Joel Edwards, Jesse Edwards
VFX / AE / Design: Ninos Houma & Joel Edwards
Sound Design / Mix - Radium Audio LTD


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