Mountain Biking

Downieville - June 2011

This winter was a crazy winter for sure. Who knew that there would still be this much snow though. We left my house and rode Northstar first before heading to Downieville. We did a non shuttle ride climbing up 3rd divide and down 2nd and 1st divide the first day. Day 2 was filled with tons of hiking and just mobbing through around 2-3 miles of snow on the start of the typical Downieville Classic. Tons of snow, but still so much fun. I think this was one of my favorite rides just because of the mission it was. We ended up doing two shuttles this day and it poured on us on the second shuttle. Just a mission and total fun. We passed up tons of work crews trying to clear snow for the Downievile Classic. Dude on KTM's just mobbing it up trying to go up and over snow, etc. So classic. I wish i could have joined them. But just a great adventure all around. Some good times with a good crew of guys.


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