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THE ANGEL'S FOUNTAIN Movie Clip - Damien Colletti as the pimp Charles "Hurricane" Palantine.

For the beautiful hooker named Angelina there is only one rule in life, never go against your pimp. That pimp is Charles "Hurricane" Palantine and this rule is broken when love is in the air for Angelina who meets and cares for a wandering lost soul named Billy. At one time in her life Angelina was in the same position. Is the cost of love worth the price, or will Angelina learn the hard way? You'll have to watch this dark urban tale set in New York, fueled with love, greed, and violence to see if dreams really do come true. -Damien Colletti

Film Stars:
April Perry as Angelina
Patrick Dean as Billy
Damien Colletti as Charles "Hurricane" Palantine

Directed by C-Zar and written by Turhan Caylak. Cinematography by Brandon Ripley filmed on a Canon EOS 7D. Music composed by Aaron Dlugash.



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