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WRITTEN BY: Basem Saefo - alisar hasan
D.O.P:Lukas Hyksa
P.M:Jan Hlavsa - Jiří Fejtek
SOUND: Ondřej Jirsa

ON THE OTHER SIDE is a long Documentary film
is a about Syrian poet living in Prague, abandoned the Syrian regime,
this the man search about the word, and he sees the source of the development of civilization, and tries to pick up the words most prevalent through listening to the voices near and far, in all life of the voices, voices of trains, voices aircraft, water sounds, and noise of life and people, and converts those voices to the words Noodles, with his son trying to play these words challenge between the value of the word as the word and its impact on people and the influence of music,
In every attempt to transfer word poetry to music, there is a sharp cut from a voice coming from the television, convey a story about death and the bombing of the city, the source of the words and voices,
But Father and son continue to try to play, and the transfer and deportation word to music, and continue their dispute over the music and word, to agree that each recipients ..
Father sends his daily letters, to another place through the mailbox, bottle green sail with water to the other bank.
Father live his memory in the village through the frame of photos, accompanied by a dream of the word liberty, and remains in the case of research in the city for votes, for rights.


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