Jamis 650B
Embracing change without fear

Being an early adopter isn't just about being the first on the block with the hot, new thing. It's about constantly bumping up against the limitations of what's available today, then when a possible solution appears, jumping in headfirst.

We're adept at spotting a good thing early and willing to commit to it. Case in point: 650B. We've had a four-year head start. That's more field experience. More manufacturing know-how to execute good, proven designs. So while the other guys are still coming up with their first 650B designs, we're refining ours—and that's what turns good (or in our case great) designs into really, really great bikes.

Dakar XCT's proven mp4 suspension and smartly engineered frame makes for one of the most efficient pedaling platforms in the dualie realm. 2013 refinements include beefed up top and down tubes to optimize lateral and torsional stiffness for more precise steering control, and an all new rear triangle featuring a 3-piece welded main pivot yoke and 25% larger chainstays for precise rear wheel tracking.

Dragon celebrates its 20th anniversary as the standard bearer for steel hardtails, one of the most storied, lauded bikes ever. Page through the last couple decades of any mountain bike magazine, and you'll find a plethora of reviews that aren't just favorable, but out-and-out gushing.

And Nemesis continues to wow savvy XC racers with its advanced SPF tubeset and no-compromises racing geometry and spec.

Video features interviews of:
Sal Crochiola: Jamis MTB Product Manager
Greg Webber: Jamis VP Product Development

Locations seen in this video:
Moab, Utah
Durango, Colorado
Northvale, New Jersey


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