Our Multikcopters are a very easy way to make aerial film and photo footage from different levels.
equipped with different type's of camera's we can fly from low level (eye level), till up to 120 meters (450 feet) in dry weather and low wind.
Thanks to the real time video downlink system in combination with our 360 degrees "pan and tilt"camera mount, our two professional operators are able to see exactly what they're filming and so we can guarantee stunning footage! Multikopters are illegal to use above or close to audience.

Cable Motion System:

This cable motion system is a "point to point" system. This system travels under an special super strong Dyneema cable with a useble length between 40 up to 170 meters (630 feet).
After the cable is rigged properly, the remote controlled, totally wireless trolley, can "drive" with speeds between 5 and 45 km/h.
The camera mount with 360 degrees "pan and tilt" is able to carry many type's of camera systems.
Via a wireless video downlink system, our two operators can exactly see what they're filming.
We can optional equipe this Cable Motion system with high quality SD or HD video transmitters for live streaming.
System require's two solid rigging point's. If not available, we must build them. At at least one end, we must be able to reach the trolly for operating use via hoist platform, scaffold or bridge.
This system is save to use above audience.


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