The optical illusion was inspired by an alternate ending for "2001: A Space Odyssey". Originally intending an encounter between astronaut and alien, Kubrick conducted screen tests of a "life-form of light", dressing someone in dots and filming him against a wall of dots. Thankfully he dropped it, but i wanted to embrace the illusion as a wink to one of my favorite films. Anyhow, that was the spark.

We proposed a lead role to Maria Dąbrowska who in turn proposed the project to fellow actors at the Contemporary Theater in Szczecin. Doors opened everywhere we knocked, and we were given all we needed.

Eternal gratitude to everyone who helped.

Director & Story: Matthew Schroeder (muzeum)
Producer: Natalia Szostak
Cinematography: Matthew Schroeder & Mariusz Cichon
Staring: Maria Dąbrowska and Wojciech Sandach

SONG TITLE: "Nie Znikaj" (meaning "Don't Disappear")
Winner of Grand Prix, Yach Film 2010 (Poland's music video awards)
Official Selection, The Vimeo Awards


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