Taken from Midnight Juggernauts new album "Uncanny Valley" out July 8th worldwide
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Hybrid art/technology piece visually documenting the evolution of CGI


With Computer Generated Imagery now a standard feature of our visual language and often indistinguishable from reality, we decided to take a long look back to the genesis of this technology. Well before the blockbuster milestones and mainstream acceptance, we chart CGI's origins mid last century within the experimental computer labs of universities, corporations, and various trailblazing individuals. These were the pioneer years of CGI.

From the groundbreaking years of these first footprints, we follow the evolution of the technology as each new trial grows more ambitious and complex. From basic science/engineering line animations and wireframe oddities, to 3D and artistic experimentation, and the first trials to replicate human likeness and emotion. While some may seem crude by today's standards these watershed trials and experimental demos were all key critical building blocks.

In a field which quickly casts aside milestones as each new technological advance is superseded, this study sheds light on the pioneers and achievements which paved the way. Of the early innovators featured here, some went on to teach, a few disappeared, others started massive software companies, and some are running Pixar. 

Contemplating this subject of early digital footprints of technology, the band realized it reflected similar themes to their song Memorium. They each recount a tracing through discarded remnants of the past. It seemed logical to combine the two pieces, and so this visual homage was created.

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