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(This was originally our entry in Bushman's annual ukulele video competition. We are testing out locations/ideas for more indepth future early 90s top 40 music video remakes... ideas welcome! WATCH OUT!!!!!)

Personal apologies to Kevin, Laurie, Paul, Ging and all those of you out there who care about sound. My best laid plans to record a clean leveled track went awry when the batteries on my (otherwise kick-ass, thanks kev!) sound recorder died somewhere around attempt 7...I did think to put a back up mic to the camera (which is the sm58 tied to the broken lamp base with a piece of green cord...pointing directly upward with the levels on the camera set to Corrie singing the the pretty-y-y-y bit of 'Laid' which I wrongly thought would be the loudest point, sigh... sigh.)

Alas, I have failed you my dear sound enthusiasts, all I can offer in compensation is my most sincere declaration of need for you in my life. x,k

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