Music Video

This is the first single from "Several Efforts for Passionate People", the second album by THE DISAPPEARING ONE
(Self produced by The Disappearing One, mastered by Paolo Messere & issued by Seahorse Recordings - early 2012)

Directed by G.Plomitallo (aka The Huge)
Produced by The Disappearing One & The Huge
Shot in early september 2011

The main idea was simply that of involving some of the people we love in this video. We wanted to feel "safe" in a way, having some of our friends with us in this totally new experience for us as a band: our first record with the support of an independent label.
So we had no better choice than calling on another great friend of ours, Gianluca Plomitallo, who is himself a musician (known as The Huge), an additional musician in our recording sessions, and a very talented photographer and movie maker. After literally "hunting" some of our friends for a fast close-up, and the shooting with the full band, this collaboration finally produced an "almost NO budget" music video: THE TIME HAS FALLEN
We wanna thank our friends for taking part to this video and Gianluca for providing his art and support.



Seasons have time and I wanna have more
And you are that tide, you’re leaving along

Driving your car, but the road is unknown
Chasing your past with that song you adore

And the change is everlasting
Like the songs from the heart

People get lives, but I wanna live more
So this is the time to let it all go

Driving your car, but the road is unknown
Chasing your past with that song you love so

…and I wanna feel home…


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