Music Video

Official music video for Cami Bradley's "The Best For Me" from her Album titled "Seas".

This video was so much fun to create. From start to finish I had such a blast. I had never done something quite like this, so it was exciting to put it together. Taking this project from an idea in our heads to a real piece of art was a fulfilling adventure. I've worked with Cami on several projects before, so it was easy to get on the same wavelength as her. I could see what she wanted and she let me make it happen. She was great to work with and was willing to try just about anything to make the shots work. Hope you enjoy, and check out her Album!
Also, that's all natural wind! No fans, just really cold, bitter wind.

Shot on 2 Canon 5D Mark ii's, and a Canon 7D
with a 24-70mm, 50/1.2, and 5D kit lens
shot by Chris Whiteside, Chris Lambeth, Silas Pratt, and Kevin Howard


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