My Crazy Passion

Flxible Clipper buses like Matt’s, the ones made in Australia, came from Essonden in Melbourne.

In 1948 Sir Reginald Myles Ansett decided that his expanding Pioneer bus service needed an interstate bus so he sent executives to America who ended up at Loudenville, Ohio at the Flxible Company.

A deal was struck where under license the buses could be manufactured in Victoria, the royalty being $1 a bus as well as a license fee. They proceeded to make 131 buses between 1950 and 1960.

Matt’s Flxible Clipper bus is number 11 and was made in 1951.

Over the years some of the Flxible Clipper Club of Australia members tracked down where the buses ended up and there are about fifty still existing.

The club has about thirty five to forty registered and drivable buses and know of others that are in various stages of restoration or disrepair.

Matt has owned and loved his red Flxible Clipper bus since 1985. He calls it a facilitator of smiles.


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