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Kandy Kruisers are an up and coming skateboard brand with bright colorful skateboards. Soon, they will be starting up their Kickstarter to become a nationwide vender. They recently had a "Blast Out Party" to promote the release of their skate line. Hundreds showed up and a special select few were able to test out the new Kandy Kruiser line.

Check out Kandy Kruisers facebook page:

Original Music is "Descent Remastered" by Syncraftian

Fifth Moon Studios' facebook page:

Special thanks to the University of Houston Police for being so nice to us, even though we didn't have permission to be there and have a massive party!

Thanks to all the people who joined us for the Blast Out Party! This video, and the grand release of Kandy Kruisers would have been nothing without your support.

Also, to the DJ for showing with your awesome gear and playing some great music for us while everyone partied and ate sugary treats.

And thanks to all the photographers who showed up and took great pictures!


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