Episode 1-2 takes the riders into the State of Arizona where they learn about the future of fires from a fire ecologist from Northern Arizona University, Dr. Pete Fule.

The ride zooms south into Phoenix to get a pulse from the people about a number of environmental topics. Fast Forward to Tucson, AZ. One of the sunniest places in the USA. That means its time for some new information about Solar from Global Solar, one of the worlds leading solar companies. Compare Solar vs Coal. Learn how Tucson Electric is working to obtain a larger use of alternative energy.

Learn about Energy conservation with local teacher Mike Mayor and see how the youth is learning valuable energy conservation skills.

Pop into Biosphere 2, the world's largest scientific greenhouse. (Minus Pauly Shore.) Learn some very important information about plants absorbing green house gases.

Finish the first episode at one of the nations first bicycle co-op's. Where do used and recycled bicycles and their parts go? Learn the answers at B.I.C.A.S.

Episode 1
Ride from: Newport Beach, CA to Tucson, AZ
Focus: Ocean Relationship / Water Conservation / Solar Panels / Energy conservation / Biosphere 2 / Bicycle Co-op

Highlights Include:
Ed Begley Jr
Aquarium of the Pacific - CEO Dr. Jerry Schubel
Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1995 - Dr. Sherwood Roland
Earth Resource Foundation - Stephanie Barger
Waste Management - Alberto Guardado
Southern Nevada Water Authority - Doug Bennett
Fire Ecologist NAU - Dr. Pete Fule
Global Solar - Scott Wiedeman
Tucson Electric Power - Joe Salkowski
Biosphere 2 - John Adams
Tuesday Night Bike Ride - University of Arizona Campus
BICAS - Bicycle Inter Community Art and Salvage

Positive Social Change Documentaries is currently seeking funding for the completion of this series.

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